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Time To Fly Book Club: Best Book Club Ever

Time To Fly Book Club: Best Book Club Ever


Include Eileen in your next book club meeting.
Enjoy a 30 minute exclusive interview with Eileen to answer your questions, and receive a hostess gift that includes a journal, pen and a mug.
This package offers:
  • 10 discount books for your club, and matching pens
  • 10 matching mugs for the club
  • 10 matching journals for the club

Real Talk on Resilience. 

In everyone’s life, unexpected things happen, and sometimes we lose people. We often find ourselves in situations that force us to feel like we have to grieve alone, especially if we are the family caretaker. Let’s start an honest conversation about  grief and make space to work through it together.
I learned a lot over the seven years it took me to write my family’s story. Including that there is no right way to grieve and the importance of having a strong support group in order to move forward and accept the abundance life has to offer.
Brian never stopped thinking about how he could use his time and resources to make others lives better, and never stopped working towards those goals. He inspired me to think about my own legacy and how to create the most impact in the time that I have.
Sharing Time to Fly is one step in creating the legacy to help others find the space to talk about grief and look inward to discover their own legacy.
What legacy are you creating? Take a group of friends on a journey with you and start a book club!